About Us

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş

It is the selfless protector of the nature and the symbol of goodness, a common supernatural element of the myths and lore of all cultures throughout the world. Its supernatural powers are channeled for the good of mankind.

We imagined a fairy living in lakes, seas, mountains, anywhere you can find salt, and made her our symbol, in our quest to bring good and beauty. We call her Efsina, the "Salt Fairy".

Efsina is on a quest to bring salt, one of the two fundamental elements of life along with water, or as you might call it, the "Crystals of Life", to your tables, in their purest and natural form.

We value your health, and we love and strive to conserve the nature while bringing you the natural products. We also work ceaselessly to reach beyond your dreams in what we do.

We bring you the healthiest, most natural, pure and authentic salt from mountains, seas, and rocks.

All our products are in compliance with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and are 100% natural.

We are elated to offer Efsina, the high-quality, pure and natural salt of Turkey, a must for those who seek natural products.