Why Efsina?

Efsina, because;

The Salt Fairy Efsina loves the nature, and offers only the natural. Its offerings for your table are beyond the dreams. It also cares about your health. Representing the beauty, purity and goodness of the salt fairy to transform your meals to gourmet dishes, by applying magical formulae, Efsina is also destined to play a role in our life, as a natural brand, aware of its responsibility.

Efsina protects the non-refined natural form of the salt, preserving the original crystalline structure, which is a prerequisite of life. Efsina offers healthy, pure, authentic and gourme products to its consumers. Various packaging alternatives also make life simpler.

Elite, stylish and sleek packaging which allows display on the tables right off the shelf, which are both environment-friendly as well as consumer-friendly, contributing to the goal of sustainability, Efsina caters to the demand for healthy yet practical products, by an audience which is devoted to a healthy life, which has an eye for different and new products, which always seeks better, and which is open to innovation.

If you are among those who are after the natural, we would only be honored to offer the pure and natural salt Efsina.