About Us

Fairies, as supernatural beings, are seen as nature's selfless guardians and symbols of goodness in the folklore and mythology of cultures worldwide. They use their supernatural abilities to do good for humans.

Inspired by this, we envisioned a fairy girl who lives in lakes, seas, and mountains—wherever salt is found—and symbolized her as our emblem. We named this fairy "Salt Fairy" Efsina.

Efsina embarked on a journey to bring salt, the "Crystals of Life," to your tables in its purest and most natural form, combining the essentials of life—water and salt. We care about your health, offering nature's best while remembering to love and protect our environment, striving to bring beyond your dreams in our field.

We source the healthiest, most natural, pure, and original salt from mountains, seas, and rocks.

We prepare all our products in compliance with the BRC Food Quality Management System, ISO 22000, and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ensuring they are 100% natural.

We are delighted to offer you Efsina, Turkey's quality salt that has become indispensable for those who demand naturalness.