Vision and Values


  • To be recognized and grow as a distinctive salt brand.
  • To offer life's crystals in their purest and most natural forms to consumers.
  • To develop innovative products.
  • To exist globally as Turkey's salt brand.


  • To provide the most natural, quality, and healthy products to consumers.
  • To work for a sustainable world that is friendly to nature and contributes to human health.
  • To educate consumers about the benefits of salt when used moderately.
  • To be a reliable supplier providing consistent quality and traceable products.

Quality Philosophy:

  • To be a distinguished brand by offering reliable food products that fully meet consumer needs and expectations.
  • To be a model company through the quality of our products.
  • To comply with laws, regulations, and professional ethical standards.
  • To foster continuous improvement and enhancement.
  • To maximize efficiency and reach the highest level.
  • To strictly adhere to cleanliness and hygiene rules out of profound respect for community and human health.
  • To fulfill the terms of agreements with customers completely and punctually.
  • To ensure the highest satisfaction of our customers and employees through strong collaborative relationships.