Salt Fairy

Salt in Folklore

It is believed that if an unwanted guest arrives, placing salt in their shoes will make them leave.

To determine which direction a marriageable woman's destiny lies, salt is sprinkled on bread and placed on the roof. The direction in which the bird that takes the bread flies is believed to be the direction of her fortune.

When sending a young man off to the army, his family has him bite a bagel and lick salt, which is then kept until his return. The preserved salt is added to a meal and fed to the young man upon his return.

To protect someone believed to have been afflicted by the evil eye, salt is rotated over their head three or seven times with prayers.

After a wedding, the mother-in-law stands at the door and lets the bride lick some salt from her hand, believing this will ensure her loyalty to the mother-in-law and bring peace and sweetness to the family.

People whose hands sweat excessively rub their palms with salt to reduce sweating.

Those who want to do a charitable deed but are financially constrained distribute salt to those in need.

For a woman unable to have children, salt is placed in a cloth, tightly squeezed and hardened. The salt-packed cloth is then dipped in alcohol, set on fire, and wrapped around the woman's waist, believing this will help her conceive.

When a young man of marriageable age wishes to marry, he places salt in his father's shoes to express this desire.

Salt, blessed to prevent snake and scorpion bites, is licked by household members.

To predict the gender of an unborn child, salt is sprinkled on the heads of family members.

For someone suffering from tuberculosis, salt wrapped in a cloth is placed under their pillow. Visitors take a pinch of this salt and place it in their mouths, believing it soothes the patient's heart and kills the tuberculosis bacteria.

Someone wishing for a desire to be fulfilled vows salt. If their wish is granted, they give a predetermined amount of salt to someone in need.

If family members scratch their heads or mouths after spilling salt, it is believed a daughter will be born; if they scratch their noses or knees, a son is expected.