Sosyal Medyada Paylaş
Iodized Fine 50% Low Sodium Rock Salt,
Iodize Fine Sea Salt With Folic Acid
In accordance with the requirements of our body, Folic Acid Sea Salt and 50% Less Sodium Salt has been prepared. In order to meet iodine need, it has been enriched with potassium iodate. It has not been refined.
  • It has
    not been refined.
  • 250 gr, 600 gr
    8 Pieces of Cardboard Box
  • For healthy future
  • %100 Natural
250 gr Iodized Fine and 50% Less Sodium Salt Has been enriched with potassium and contains 50% less sodium. By the use of the same amount of salt, it provides to receive less sodium.
600 gr Folic Acid Sea Salt Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) is an important vitamin that plays a role in blood production, the formation of new cells and continuation of the living cell. It is supportive for meeting the daily needs of folic acid of women, children and especially pregnant women. Efsina is the first and the only producer of it in Turkey.