Salt Fairy

Salt in History

Prior to the dawn of the scientific age, mankind had no idea about the source of salt, and was always on a hopeless quest for salt till the 20th Century. Throughout the history, salt had always been a valuable material. In some countries soldiers and workers were paid in salt. The first of great Roman roads was built to carry salt to Rome as well as the interiors of the peninsula.

•   Japanese, famous for consumption of salt at a level higher than that of other nations, are also famous for being more healthy and long-lived.

•   Chinese, Romans, French, Venetians and Habsburg dynasty, like many other governments, had imposed taxes on salt, in order to finance their wars.

•   The oldest written records of salt production in China date back to 800 B.C. The documents mention sea salt production and trade to predate Xia Dynasty by a millennium. For centuries, Chinese governments saw a source of revenue in salt. Chinese texts from 12th Century B.C., praising salt, were found.