Salt Fairy

Salt Tales

An old Indian master was fed up with his apprentice's ceaseless complaints. One day, he sent the apprentice to fetch salt. Once the every gloomy apprentice returned, the master told him to put a handful of salt into a glass of water, and drink it. The apprentice did what he was told, but he immediately began to spit out what he swallowed. "How does it taste?" he was asked by the old man, only to be responded "bitter". The master would giggle and take the apprentice out. He led him quietly to the lake nearby, and told him to put a handful of salt in the lake, and then drink some water from the lake. The obedient apprentice then was asked the same question, while wiping his mouth on his arm:

"How does it taste?"
“The young apprentice said "refreshing".
"Were you able to taste the salt?" asked the old men, "no" said the apprentice."

Then, the old men sat by his apprentice crouching by the water, and said: "The suffering in life is like the salt. It is neither too small, nor to big. The amount of suffering is always the same. What makes it particularly painful, is the container. Whenever you feel suffering, all you have to do is to expand your feelings regarding the source of suffering.