Vision and Values


- Gaining recognition as a salt brand, and growing as an outstanding producer.
- Offering the purest and most natural forms of the crystals of life to consumers.
- Developing innovative products.
- Reaching tables all around the world as "the" Salt brand of Turkey.


- Offering the most natural, highest quality, and healthiest products to consumers.
- Working for an environment-friendly and sustainable world, guided by the objectives of safe products and contribution to human health.
- Creating awareness among the consumers about the good salt would bring "when used in moderate quantities".
- Gaining the reputation of a dependable supplier which always offers a stable level of quality and traceability.
- Maximizing the values created for our consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and human resources.


- Becoming a distinguished brand-name which offers reliable food products to satisfy all expectations and needs of consumers,
- Becoming a model firm through the quality of our products,
- Operating in accordance with laws, regulations, communiqués and professional ethics,
- Achieving continuous development and improvement,
- Maximizing productivity,
- Achieving perfect compliance with the rules of hygiene, as a product of our utmost respect for the society and human health,
- Timely and fully meeting the requirements of the agreements made with the customers,
- Achieving the maximum level of customer and employee satisfaction in accordance with the robust cooperation established with our customers and employees in line with this perspective.