Why Efsina?

For Efsina offers;

• Healthy, pure, authentic and gourmet products,
• Salt true to its natural form and original crystalline structure, without refining,
• Both "practical" and "healthy";
  - All 100% natural products,
  - Granule salts for grinding at the table, served in glass packaging,
  - Elite, stylish and sleek packaging which allows display on the tables right off the shelf,
  - Both environment-friendly (in terms of materials), as well as consumer-friendly (in terms of clear and comprehensible message, and plain, no-frills, transparent packages)
  - Practical and healthy products available for consumption on your tables (Glass packaging, Porcelain grinders, sea salts with a soft taste, 100% authentic Himalayan salts etc.)
  - Aesthetical products available for immediate use in your kitchen (Cardboard jar, with a wooden spoon supplied)
  - (Practical yet elegant) packaging which meets both aesthetical and practical requirements, doing away with the need for other containers and jars, and worthy of a place on your tables and in your kitchens (cardboard and composite jars including the wooden spoon, for counter-top and by-the-cooker use)

Mixes of salt, spices and herbs which add delicious taste in even the plainest of dishes (Himalayan Salt with Spice Flavoring, Pasta Salt, Barbecue Salt, Hot Salt etc.)

  - Special solutions for those with medical conditions or specific dietary needs (Low-Sodium Salt etc.)
  - The most natural form of salt, the pure crystal form which is a must for life,
  - Free of any additives which may pose health hazards for consumers,
  - Products which make life practical for users, through a range of packaging alternatives.

and Efsina is...

Innovative, modern, and aesthetical,
the Bringer of purity and natural (the good only a fairy can bring) to our tables in the form of life crystals,
the Source of a legend in every dish thanks to the magic brought from mountains, seas, and rocks,
Your assistant in creating tastes to complete the joy of dynamic life,
the Contributor to sustainability.
  º Packaging would not go to waste once the product is brought home, it can be used till the whole product is consumed, and even thereafter, thanks to its hygienic and aesthetical value (cylinder cardboard and glass jars, porcelain grinders)
  º Packaging allows recycling.